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kirsty asked 2 years ago

What is the fertility window?

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Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy answered 2 years ago

In women with regular periods, I recommend having sex every other day after the periods for 6 times (i.e day 0-5 bleeding –> sex on day 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17). Ovulation checks are imprecise and window of fertilization can get missed.  With PCOS, it is a challenge. Irregular and periods and lack of ovulation sometimes makes prediction of the fertility window difficult to estimate. 

Helen Denice answered 2 years ago

The most firtile days in the ovulation cycle are FIVE days. You should have intercource each day during that time. Sperm can alive for 72 hours and you have chance more chances to concieve. All together you will have three days prior ovulation day, day of ovulation and one day after ovulation. Ovulation cycle is different for each woman and even for one person each month. You can easaly pin point your fertlile time if you are monitoring your body cycles daily checking your saliva.For women with PCOS (with irreguler menstrual cycles) it’s the best way to track the ovulation cycle. Using that method you can observe whole ovulation cycle if you have it that particuler month. Keep in mind that if you had menstrual cycle it’s not mean that you had ovulation this month. Sometime estrogen hormone level is not high enough to perform full ovulation process in your body. As you know saliva testing is well known and proven method for diagnoses many health issues. It’s the most accurate method for thcking your fertility days, because it’s your unique case and your personal saliva. Being on medication for PCOS the ovulation testing using saliva is the most accurate method. It’s working with fertility drugs usage and other medication.

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