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Addie asked 2 years ago

What are methi seeds?

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fenu answered 2 years ago

it’s another word for Fenugreek

Shweta Mishra answered 2 years ago

Methi is Hindi name of Fenugreek. Methi seeds consumption in any form is considered to be effective in aiding digestion and controlling blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients. It is also thought to be effective in controlling choleterol and triglycerides absorption in our bodies, due to its high soluble fiber content. In Indian cooking, Methi seeds is generally used as an addition in cooking vegetables, sambhar (south indian dish), pulses. It can also be used in making relishes of differnet kinds. Green leaves of methi can be cooked with a little oil and eaten with chapati, or it can also be incorporated in whole wheat doughs to make methi bread or chapatis.
Studies have shown that Methi seeds consumption may also enhance breast milk production.

Admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Great answer Shweta.
We cover Fenugreek on our meal planner. If you have experience with taking Fenugreek, please feel free to leave a review on our fenugreek herb and recipes pages:

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