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kaci_cxcx asked 2 years ago

What are the tips to a successful IVF cycle?

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Rianna Poskin answered 2 years ago

When preparing for an IVF transfer the egg and sperm quality have to be at their best not just to create an embryo and implant, but to carry full term.  Many couples get positive test results but then miscarry early on.  By improving the egg and sperm quality the probability of a healthy and viable pregnancy increases. You can improve your chances of having good egg health my preparing ahead of time. The egg develops over 150 days. Therefore making sure you’re detoxing, eating well, decreasing your stress, and trying treatments such as acupuncture, during this window of time, can better prepare your chance of having a healthy egg to go into the IVF process. Specifically to PCOS patients: there is a supplement called Myo-inositol that can help your efforts! Best of luck on this journey!

SAFE Fertility Center answered 2 years ago

There are different factors that can increase the success rate of IVF treatment. Some of those factors will depend on the patient. The recommendation for the couples that are planning to undergo the treatment is to  control body weight (BMI 19-22 kg/m2), exercise, avoid smoking and alcohol intake, taking folic acid, Qo Q 10 for female and folic acid, zinc, vitamin c and e for male.
There are different procedures and medications that your doctor and specialists at @SafeFertility can suggest to increase the success rate such as hysteroscopy, PGS to decrease the risk of miscarriage rate, Embryo Glue during the embryo transfer etc. 
At no additional charge you can use this link to ask your question regarding IVF treatment at Safe Fertility Center.

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