Questions and answersCategory: QuestionsWhat are the reasons for ICSI failure rate?
Loredana asked 2 years ago

What are the reasons for ICSI failure rate for fertilization procedure 0 % ?
Since the fertilization rate was 0 % you think another protocol would have a different outcome?
Thank you!

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Misty Reed answered 2 years ago

ICSI is commonly used for reasons stated here However, IVF doesn’t have a 100% success rate, not even when using ICSI. There are many factors that can affect this, including (but not limited to), egg/sperm quality, age, decreased blood flow to the pelvis, hormonal imbalances, etc. Does this help?
Misty Reed

Dee Armstrong answered 2 years ago

Poor sperm DNA fragmentation is an important reason for IVF or ICSI failure. This cannot be seen on a standard semen analysis and has to be tested for separately. At our clinic we advise patients to use the SpermComet test. Reasons for a high rate of fragmentation include but are not limited to smoking, alcohol, poor diet, environmental toxins. DNA fragmentation can sometimes be improved using high quality anti-oxidants and nutritional therapy. For further information see and

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