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anon asked 2 years ago

What are some natural ways to improve fertility?

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Lisa Smith answered 2 years ago

Cleanse the system of parasites with Pectaclear
Eat greens and beets every other day to improve your digestion (or include them in your smoothies)
Reduce excess weight (parasites hide in fatty tissue)
Determine your current vitamin deficiencies (lypospheric vitamin C is helpful)

Rianna Poskin answered 2 years ago

Hello! There are a lot of natural ways to optimize your fertility. One big problem that is facing many couples is stress. Stress wreaks havoc on a woman’s cycle because it messes with their estrogen/progesterone balance. In order to evaluate what your specific stressors are I’ve created a 3 minute questionnaire that can direct you to the area that you can address in order to decrease your stress and optimize your fertility. Click here to be redirected and learn more.  Best of luck on this journey! 

Vicki answered 2 years ago

Stress is a massive problem as it unbalances your hormones. Reflexology will help to balance these for optimum health but also reduce your stress levels because it is such a relaxing treatment. Improving fertility along the way. 

m answered 2 years ago

I agree with Rianna and Vicki.
Here you will find useful tips for improving fertility []
For info on reducing stress, you might enjoy watching
May your wishes come true,

Kristen jack answered 1 year ago

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