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Fertility Chef Staff asked 4 months ago

I want to get pregnant, had a procedure done after having a miscarriage which uncovered Asherman syndrome and I haven’t been able to take in since what do I do?

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Dee Armstrong answered 3 months ago

Asherman syndrome may affect your ability to get pregnant but it may not. Adhesions can interefere with the ability of an embryo to implant properly in the uterus. Fertility massage is something that might help.
Dee Armstrong
The Natural Fertility Centre

Jessica Mann, M.D. answered 3 months ago

Asherman’s syndrome is a condition characterized by intrauterine synechiae, or "scars" within the uterine cavity. Depending on the degree of Asherman’s, it may make it difficult, to nearly impossible for implantation to occur. This condition does not prevent a healthy sperm from penetrating a healthy egg. The latter process, called implantation, takes place in the fallopian tubes. However, if implantation takes place, the hostile environment of a scarred uterus would not allow for proper implantation. Surgical resection of the scar and proper post-operative medical therapy has wonderful results in many situations. This condition represents an anatomical problem and as such, surgical intervention is warranted. Please reach out to an experienced surgeon.
Jessica Mann, M.D.
Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
JSM Fertility LLC

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