Questions and answersCategory: PCOS & TTCIf I get my period regularly does that mean I’m fertile?
penny asked 2 years ago

If I get my period regularly does that mean I’m fertile?

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SAFE Fertility Center answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately regular period doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no fertility problem. If the couple have not become pregnant after at least one year having regular sex without using birth control methods it means that this couple has primary infertility. In case of infertility couple need to consult doctor for investigation and blood tests to find out the infertility cause and depending on the result doctor might advice to undergo the fertility treatment. For some couples IVF in the suggested treatment option. You can find out more about IVF treatment here and ask your questions @SafeFertility

Dee Armstrong answered 2 years ago

As the above answer says, a regular period is not necessarily an indication of fertility but it’s a good start! It usually means that you are ovulating reguarly which is excellent news – a large proportion of infertility is caused by ovulation disorders.
Dee Armstrong
The Natural Fertility Centre

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